Boogs’ 10 Bedtime To-Dos

Tonight I was foolish enough to try and let Boogie sleep with me… I’m not a cosleeper AT ALL but I figured with Captain (or dodo) gone, why the heck not. Well, this list is a list of why the heck I shouldn’t have tried! (Written with Boogs as the narrator)

1. DO: act very cute and try to convince mama to sleep with her two boys!

2. DON’T: listen when she tries to play in my room.

3. DO: pick my nose. Ew.

4. DON’T: eat it, instead graciously hand to momo. Double ew.

5. DO: scream bloody murder because I heard a truck pass and thought mama missed it.

6. DON’T: notice brother in mommy’s arms several times, instead I need her.

7. DO: act ever so sweet every time mama tells me to put my head down and go to sleep.

8. DON’T: actually go to sleep.

9. DO: willingly put on pj’s.

10. DON’T: lay down, instead do body bridges on my head while chattering.

Y’all… I wish I made up ANY of this. But it all happened in a 10 minute span. Let’s not forget the dog barking because the neighbors closed a door, brother breastfeeding, or the cats attacking Bella. Boogie was cute but he HAD TO GO! Now he’s asleep in his own room, with his favorite light on, and I am getting true peace and quiet (minus brother’s snoring!)

We had a good day, however. I picked them up early, supper at McDonald’s, meeting the mascot for a local school and losing it!, an hour at the park, 20 minutes outside with the dogs, and playing in the tub! All in a 4 hour span ❤️❤️

Good night, Chelsea

Where Is It?

Do you use (the – hehe Noel) Snapchat?? Have you played with filters on it?? Recently a certain filter is gaining popularity: the sex change! I did it, see the picture below. But it honestly freaks me out. Just one chromosome needed to change for me to likely be a totally different person. For daddy to get the son he always wanted. Maybe for me to have some a totally different outlook on life.

Now I’m questioning where my time has gone, thanks to the old lady filter…

I say where has the time gone because staying up past 10:30 is a struggle, I need an afternoon Dr. P because I’m falling asleep at my desk, and I’m ok with staying in rather then going. I know I’m only 24 years young, but I’m feeling much older!

I’m always in a rush to do something, be somewhere, grow a little more. I, we, us… really need to slow down. Enjoy Boogie’s tantrums, babbling and sneaky behavior. Enjoy a night of snuggles with Brother. Enjoy a glass of wine or some chocolate.

One day I may look like the “old lady” photo. I pray that I’m happy with all I’ve done, stayed married to my handsome captain, and my kids stay close.

Have a blessed (and hopefully dry!) Tuesday!

Xo, Chelsea

Father Appreciation Blog

I know that Father’s Day is a few weeks away, but Captain has EARNED this one and it just can’t wait!!

Do you know how much this man loves me?! Capt has completely transformed himself in the last few months, especially since I’ve gotten back from my “vacation.” Four nights a week he is sleeping on the couch so I can sleep through the night, he is beginning to do chores without prompting, and he is being present with our family.

This past weekend has me over the moon, however. We didn’t argue, we discussed. He bought me a beautiful necklace from the Zales Disney Princess Collection (see below). He handled the home, took us out to breakfast, and let me sleep in peace. My absence took a toll on him in April, and he’s seeing the mental and emotional load I bear, on top of motherhood and working full time.

My beautiful necklace! Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Captain has become my partner, not just a spouse (or a child as I’ve called him a few times!) We still struggle in communication sometimes, but this man deserves an award for putting up with my kaka!!!

I know this is not the most in depth blog, and it’s a whole lotta mush… but Captain deserves this. He’s my best friend and partner for crying out loud!! So if you think to, send him an ‘atta-boy’, pat him on the back or give him an extra hug because he’s really becoming quite the man.

Xo, Chelsea


Do you know how often I say sorry?! I could give a round about number of 20 ish times a day, mainly for things that are out of my control. A lot of this comes from my desire to please and how I was raised, but I’ve learned how little sorry means if you use it constantly. I’ve been reading Fractured Faith daily, and the author spoke of their need to apologize, so I know I’m not alone in this.

As an example of how bad it was: My grandpa told me he was going to take the whole summer to “reprogram” my desire for the word sorry! It takes a lot to annoy him, and I know that my needless apologies got under his skin. Of course, when someone tells you to stop apologizing and be true… you want to apologize for being annoying! What a cycle!!

You may be asking at this point in my blog: why on earth did you call this blog “Pasta”?! Wellllll I was, once again, asked to stop saying sorry so much. I cannot remember who it was, but they asked why I do.. knowing it’s weird – I just just shrugged and said it’s my favorite word. To which they recommended I find a new favorite word. My love for pasta being so true, I hollered “PASTAAAAA!”

Even now, I’ll yell out “pasta” in the office, to help curb my apologetic side. It makes us laugh and helps me be true.

Apologizing appropriately is so important. Only if you truly mean it, should you apologize… not just because you think it’s politically correct. “Sorry” needs action behind it too. Don’t forget that.

Xo, Chelsea

Bath Time Blunder

Have you noticed that bath time seems to be where the biggest parenting fails happen?? Let me start this in Step Padre fashion…

“So no shit, there I was…” (hehehe) working on fixing Boogie’s bath. I had my back to it, taking off my electronics, when Boogs came running into the bathroom extremely excited! Bath night is his FAVORITE night (he only gets one every other day because of sensitive skin!)

While we were “talking,” I turned around to find a fully clothed Boogie already in the bathtub!!! Don’t ask me when he started being able to safely enter, why he thought it was a good idea, and how he tolerated it, because I DON’T KNOW! Oh, but it was funny!

Thankfully he got out with my assistance and got undressed without a fit. I can’t promise all the water stayed in the tub this evening, but we all had some giggles. 🙂 Brother even joined in and laughed all while I kept an eye on Boogs.

Fun fact: Boogs has learned he can float in the water and continued to do it the. Entire. Time.

On another note – he has started making letter sounds! He can do: B, D, F, H, M, O, S, and T! What a wonderful improvement for him.. all in one day. My sweet boy is so stubborn.

I hope the visual of this made you smile, and I pray you have a beautiful Tuesday!

Xo, Chelsea

My Truth Will Out

It is time to come clean… April 12-15 I spent some time in the Behavioral Health Unit, at my local hospital.  Most people would cover it up, even now as I open up about it, people look away… So long as I care about you, I’m telling this story.  It’s time to stop the shaming and look at the facts.

It is well documented that I have depression, anxiety causing OCD tendencies, PTSD and manic depression. I have periods of highs and lows, and frequently see my psychiatrist. There have been times I needed medication to control my depression and such, but last year I felt ready to stop taking the pills.  We did it safely, together and controlled, and for about six months I was medication free.

Half way through my pregnancy with Brother, I realized I was becoming depressed again –   Sleep was hard to come by, I disliked those around me, and I needed some help. I began taking one of my medications again. Cymbalta is considered “Schedule C” meaning that they don’t know what the result can be on the fetus.  Because of my history with “trying” new prescribed meds is a little sketchy, we decided that happy mom is better than anything and Brother was halfway through forming so we should be okay. 

Fast forward to being post-partum.  I was dealing with Brother’s premie status affecting small areas of his life.  Captain worked and Boogs was always sick. There were problems at work in my absence… the punches kept coming.  I had actually scored extremely low on a depression screening but semi lied about getting help… I was DROWNING in my sorrow, but couldn’t seem to remember to take the medication.  Eventually I stopped taking it all together – citing that it was better for me and Brother.

When I went to visit my psychiatrist for a semi annual “med” check, I was honest in how I was feeling, the lack of medication, some dreams I had been experiencing.  Because of these three major contributing factors, my shrink said I may go to the behavioral health unit willingly or she would force me. 😦

It was Friday, there were no therapy sessions until Monday.. complete waste of my time if you ask me. But I knew going willingly was the right answer because they could have kept me longer if I did not cooperate. I needed to get back on my medication quickly but safely and that was the best way to get me quickly up to my regular dosage.  It gave me a break from my reality, allowing me to appreciate the gifts I’ve been given.  And it also opened the dialogue in my family, which is hard to admit.

I did not feel that I belonged in the psych unit. But other people feared for my kids and my personal safety… They acted to protect us. I will never be cross about this. Post Partum Depression should not just be a laughable joke… it is a real problem for women, but especially women with depression already.  Women deserve to watch and love their children growing old, not cutting their life short because their hormones and life factors.

I have post-partum depression. I have anxiety.  I have PTSD. I have to live with this forever, but I can thanks to my time on the behavioral health unit.  I am not ashamed that I got help.

I owe a huge thank you to Captain and WickedMIL.  WMIL dropped EVERYTHING that Friday morning to be with me… and Captain came to every meeting.  They took care of the kids and reassured me to just rest. It’s like they knew…

I pray you never need to go through what I have.  But if ANY of you see a woman suffering to keep it together, that lashes, that withdrawals, that just doesn’t seem okay.. PLEASE reach out to her and offer her a safe way back to “normal.”

Xo, Chelsea

Comedic Relief

Work is a high stress environment right now, and laughter seems to get us through without attempted homicide! My step-padre said he follows my blog because he knows our comedic side is pretty much the same… the following is to make you smile, they’re in no certain order!


I would love to have a farm, but life happened and I have a beautiful house on an acre of land. I know I cannot have horses, but I do have chickens and I have dreams of owning a few goats. This dream has been alive since I heard of the Fainting Goat – Captain is trying to deny this dream because he says I’m cruel… I say he doesn’t know what he wants yet 😉

We will have a few goats (4 at the max! I have never raised them so I don’t know what I’d be doing..) This way they can eat the grass and Captain won’t need to mow any more. Only ONE will be a fainting goat. The children will have friends over and I will run at the goats … BOOM screaming ensues! Why?! Because mama “killed” a goat! *insert wicked laughter as the goat falls over* it’s a dream of mine to terrorize, then teach, children with my goats. (Am I evil yet??)


A saying step-padre recited too many times through my childhood: “Funny trumps wrong in all circumstances.” This usually comes from us laughing at something dark, which people don’t always approve of.

How I adapted it through the years: “Funny trumps wrong in all circumstances except death… sometimes” My coworkers are a little worried!


Now it’s time for a bad joke! I do not own this joke, it was told to me by a best friend while we were in high school. But my goodness do I LAUGH!!

What did one green bean say to another green bean? How you BEAN!?

What did one sand dune say to another sand dune? How you DUNE?!

What did the green bean say to the sand dune? How you BEAN, DUNE?!

I hope you enjoyed this small laugh! I know I smiled the WHOLE time writing, and that is the whole reason I do it!!