I’ve been caught! Some people noticed I haven’t written in two days and wondered when the next blog was coming… well here you go!

Let me explain what happened … Wednesday I woke up with stabbing pains in my stomach that was making me sick.  I tried to power through and then the next thing I know, I was very dizzy and light-headed.  I had babies to take care of, and work to get to, but I made it safely.  About 20 minutes into my work day, seeing spots started.  My obstetrician was only a phone call away, and they recommended I go to the hospital.  Do you know how hard a decision that was for me?!?

As a veteran, I have a commodity no one else does: free health care.  I don’t take this lightly, I use the services as I should because of my mental and physical health problems.  But they are problematic for me..  Our VA emergency room is an hour away.  Mind you it’s not 60 miles (I’d get compensation for that) but an hour for non-life threatening issues.  Was my situation life-threatening?  Probably not, but I knew I wouldn’t ask a co-worker drive that far, then my husband, and I would have to survive without vomitting.  I may have to PAY for my servicess at the local hospital because I made a judgement call.  I’ll fight it.

They ran so many tests on me: EKG, ultrasounds (to check tri-baby and heart) urine, blood, etc.  It all came back with: dehydration (orthostatic) and asymptomatic UTI.  I am beyond confused about the dehydration, because I drink 64 oz of water (or more) a day! I’m not the best about it on weekends, I admit, but I’m always drinking at work.  Today I’ve already had 40 oz.. And the diagnosis UTI is BAD.  Like really really bad. Had it gone undetected, it could have caused a kidney infection, followed by preterm labor and/or a stillborn.

Prognosis:  I get to be on antibiotics (ugh more meds) and drink more water.  They did give me two liters of water within 3 hours, and saw that I had collapsed veins in my belly, so the dehydration is real.  I am just perplexed as to HOW it happened.  Bottoms up on drinking water, my friends. No more sugary drinks for me.

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