Tomato Pie

Who here has ever heard of tomato pie?! Please imagine me energetically raising my hand, jumping on my toes! If you’re from PA, odds are someone has tried to get you to eat tomato pie.  No, it’s not just pizza!!! And in my opinion cheese needs to stay off tomato pie.. Where do you find this majestic food? Corropolese in Norristown, Limerick, or Audubon, PA has BEST in my unprofessional opinion.

Picture this: thick crust that isn’t burnt AT ALL, heavy sauce, and it’s cold.  Always cut in rectangular pieces too, the ones without the crust on the sides are my favorite but you make such a mess!

Nanny and Pop-Pop live close to one of Corropolese stores, and on special days we get to have the best tomato pie and roast beef sandwiches on homemade rolls. YUMMMM.  One special day this summer we went to visit the farm! It is so fun to go to the farm because Boogie never knows what to do with all the animals.  He really takes it all in.  And my family LOVES him and June so much.  I love watching them interact.

One of my first pregnancy cravings was tomato pie.  I don’t live near the stores so I was really struggling, hence the visit! At dinner time, I sat Boogs next to me, because Captain had June and we didn’t have a high chair.  I know he likes food… but he took a bite of my tomato pie and it was like he tasted a bit of heaven!! He scarfed down his own piece, had some roast beef, and chips.  We think he could have eaten more, but sometimes you have to tell the poor kid when to stop.  None of us could believe how much he loved it.  The photo above was his face the whole time! So precious.

I over ate but it was SO worth it.  If anyone wants some Corropolese, just come visit Nanny and Pop-pop! We love to show off the farm too!!

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