John Deere Day!

We took Boogie and June to a free fair this week! A tractor company in a small town local to us held a John Deere Day! This was a treat for us, since it was FREE and Boogie could do a few of the activities.  I think Capt and I had more fun, but isn’t that how it normally goes??  Let me tell you about the activities we got to enjoy:

Bean Bag Toss – Boogs would push the bag out of my hand when I held it in front of him and the gentleman running it was so kind to give us some time.  Boogie has some sensory issues so it didn’t last long but we tried!

Petting the donkey – They had a couple of donkeys and Boogies pet them! I think he was assuming they were bigger versions of our dogs, but hey! Progress

Duck toss – Here kids pick up a rubber duck then toss it back in the water.  Not lots of fun for bigger kids but Boogs loved the water 🙂

Corn Kernels – More sensory issues but at least he allowed me to move his hand around the kernels

Tractor train!- Most fun! Boogs didn’t know what to do with himself when they’d go fast but he loved holding the wheel.

A lot of the activities were for bigger kids, so next year should be more fun.  But we didn’t get to any fairs so far this year, I can say I enjoyed this! I’m glad we drove out and spent some time together.  Soon enough I know my kids won’t think I’m fun and might turn into brats!

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