Guess what I was up to this weekend! That’s right, bingo!! WickedMIL and I enjoy going to Bingo every few months.  We always go to one that is for some fundraising event, and this weekend it was about the kitty cats.  There were over 300 people crammed in together, 50 raffle baskets, food, and other giveaways.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the rush of bingo.. but I’m starting to question myself about this.

Yesterday alone I spent $50:  $20 for special games, $20 for tickets for the raffles, $10 for food.  That’s not even including my ticket for $25! If all 300 people spent $75 on the extras, that would mean $22,500 in serious profit.  Woah… let that sink in. What a money pit bingo can be. My next complaint? There were 25 total games, including the specials, and occasionally several people one in one game.  That winning ticket up top is mine.  After YEARS of going to bingo, I finally got to yell out BINGO!!!!! Guess what, 4 other people did too.  I didn’t win the designer bag, and their “consolation” prize was kaka too.  I’m not saying they should have a bag for each and every person who won (well, kinda, but I’m realistic about the cost!) But what about limiting the number of tickets sold?!

I’m partial to “If you won once, you should forfeit any winnings there on,” but I hear ya, it’s not fair blah blah blah! What about those of us that never get to win?! I just want to feel that success! Moving on to the raffles.. 9/10 times these are very good prizes, sometimes better then the bag choices in my opinion. BUT it takes so long to go through them, people don’t yell out about winning, or they leave. Why not do a couple of tickets every few games?!  Keep it interesting and fun! Not allll about bingo.

My last complaint:  The number of people. Yesterday was a mess! Lines for food, raffle, and restroom were so long, it got so hot in the hall that as a pregnant lady I couldn’t stop whining, and I wasn’t even the biggest whiner! And it seriously hurts your odds of winning.  Demand would increase if you limit the ticket sales, and it can lead to better planning.

Why do I bother going?  A few reasons really: 1. I’m very competitive.  I like to win. This is a game of chance, and I can’t really affect the outcome but it’s still fun to win. 2. To hang out with women who understand what I’m going through. I love my bingo ladies, they’ve become dear friends. 3. I really enjoy helping donate to causes.  I predominately do Relay for Life bingos, but we did cats this time, and a school library another.  These are their big ticket items and I can appreciate that.

I’ll probably still keep going, and keep whining, but I’m so frustrated! I love bingo, as long as I can win 😉 How do you feel about bingo?!

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