Baby Drama Llama

Last night was not the best for any of us.  It started with a conversation between Gamer, Captain and I .. my men have maturity issues towards each other and I had to straighten that ish out!  During the conversation, Boogie was getting into EVERYTHING, and being awful silly.  That little boy is very good at entertaining himself (and us!).

I took a nap then, because my “morning” sickness has been unrelenting for weeks and I’m exhausted. I actually think the morning sickness is getting worse, too.  I got about an hour (that’s pretty decent in my home!) before I heard June.  Her scream could pierce ear drums if she carries on for too long, I swear it! Captain doesn’t like when I take over all the time, so I hung out in the room hoping he could get her relaxed.  After about 5 minutes I headed out to see what the problem is. Did you know sometimes babies need a change in air pressure/temperature?! It truly works, just for 10 seconds take them outside if they’ve been inside for too long.  She quieted down, and I went back to napping.  But she started again… I went back out and snatched her right up.  I held her tight and we walked around for a minute.  Don’t you know, she fell fast asleep.  I didn’t trust her to stay asleep so I walked around with her for a few minutes but when I was sure she was out, I put her down.  We didn’t hear from the pipsqueak until midnight!

We learned a few things:

  1. Sometimes babies need a change in temperature and scenery
  2. If she is really screaming, hold her tight and show her you’re not going anywhere.  Babies can feel abandoned so it’s important to make them comfortable.
  3. Sometimes a girl just needs her mama.

Boogie was starting to fuss after, so Captain made him supper.  Of course, that’s not what he wanted, he wanted a bottle.  Why eat what mama and daddy make you?! HAHA!! Mom – spinach ravioli should NEVER be made! Just saying…. Our supper rang the doorbell, then our realtor showed up at the SAME TIME.  C.H.A.O.S. ensued.  Boogs went to bed at that same time so that was fun… not. When everyone left, Captain sat down to a calzone, and I laid on the couch dying.  Metaphorically *eye roll*

That was our night.  As you can see, it wasn’t glamorous, we didn’t have all our marbles together, and it wasn’t even that fun… but it was good to spend time with family.  I love my littles so much.


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